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The Mortgage Reports:
The Most Stable Mortgage Rate Trend Since 2021
1/27/2023 3:43 PM
There are those who always try to portray the glass as being half full when it comes to the housing market. Then there are those who love a full glass, but who also call it like they see it. Right now, each camp has something to agree on: the glass is more full than it was last month. Before proceeding, a disclaimer is in order.  Outright mea...Read More
Mortgage Rates Hold Almost Perfectly Steady
1/26/2023 2:33 PM
Scheduled economic reports are one of the first places the market looks to get a read on interest rate momentum.  Of all the days this week, Thursday boasted the highest concentration of potentially relevant data.  Nonetheless, rates barely budged. In fact, the average lender is perfectly in line with yesterday"s latest rate offerings.&n...Read More
Mortgage Rates Move Modestly Lower
1/25/2023 3:26 PM
Mortgage rates are primarily determined by the bond market, and it"s been an uneventful week for bonds!  That means we haven"t seen much of a change in mortgage rates relative to the changes frequently seen over the past year. Bonds began the day in slightly stronger territory before losing ground following comments from the Bank of Canada"s ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Recover After Starting Higher
1/24/2023 3:31 PM
Mortgage rates began the day at higher levels than yesterday for the average lender, but the movement was fairly small.  Most lenders were still able to offer the same "note rate" (the actual interest rate attached to a mortgage note), but with slightly higher upfront costs. Economic data contributed to early bond market weakness.  Weake...Read More
Mortgage Rates Drift Slightly Higher
1/23/2023 3:15 PM
After hitting the lowest levels in 4 months at times over the past week, rates have drifted up a bit.  There hasn"t been much rhyme or reason behind the bounce.  In other words, there wasn"t some important economic report or Fed policy shift that spooked the underlying bond market (rates are determined primarily by bond prices/yields).&nb...Read More
Mortgage Rates Are Actually Slightly Higher This Week
1/19/2023 3:04 PM
If you cross paths with the average mortgage rate article (or tweet/post/etc) today, chances are you"ll see some mention of "rates moving lower."  That"s both true and untrue, depending on your perspective. The articles in question would likely be referring to mortgage rates for the current week versus those available last week.  This is...Read More
Mortgage Rates Fall to New 4-Month Lows After Downbeat Data
1/18/2023 3:28 PM
Mortgage rates moved down at a fairly quick pace today following a slew of rate-friendly headlines.  Technically, the headlines were good for the bond market, but bonds are primarily responsible for determining day-to-day changes in mortgage rates. The first development arrived late last night when the Bank of Japan(BOJ) kept its monetary pol...Read More
Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher to Begin New Week
1/17/2023 2:39 PM
The holiday-shortened week sees mortgage rates starting out slightly higher when compared to the end of last week.  Versus any other day in the past 4 months, today"s rates would be right in line with the lows.  In just the past two weeks, a borrower may have seen a big change in rates from January 5th through last week.  During tha...Read More
If Rates Are at 4-Month Lows, Why Does The Fed Say They"re Going Higher?
1/13/2023 3:50 PM
Mortgage rates officially hit their lowest levels in 4 months after this week"s inflation data. Despite the recent progress, Fed officials continue to talk about keeping rates high "for as long as possible." Who"s telling the truth? First off, we know that mortgage rates are at 4 month lows because that assertion relies on the past as opposed to t...Read More
Lowest Rates in 4 Months After Inflation Data
1/12/2023 3:46 PM
Today brought the scheduled monthly release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Of all the monthly economic reports, this one has had the biggest impact on the bond market and mortgage rates for roughly an entire year now.  October"s CPI (reported November 10th) was the biggest revelation as it was viewed by many as a sign of a shift awa...Read More