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The Mortgage Reports:
Mortgage Rates Back to 7.5%
4/16/2024 3:56 PM
The bad times keep rolling for mortgage rates with the average conventional 30yr fixed rate back up to 7.5% according to our daily index.  This is quite a bit higher than the major weekly indices for a few reasons.  First, the weekly indices haven"t been updated for the current week yet.  When that changes, because they are averages,...Read More
After Months of Relative Calm, Rates are Starting to Look Panicked Again
4/15/2024 2:55 PM
In 2023, there were multiple examples of mortgage rates moving up by roughly half a percent in a relatively short amount of time (1-3 weeks).  Since the big shift in November, we"ve only seen one similar example and it was more of a technicality (a sharp drop in rates followed by a correction in early Feb), until today. Rates were already o...Read More
Mortgage Rates Move Lower After 2-Day Rout, But Underwhelmingly So
4/12/2024 3:54 PM
Wednesday was one of the worst days in decades in terms of single-day upward movement in mortgage rates.  Thursday added a bit more insult to the injury.  The resulting levels were the highest since November 2023.  We should be thankful, then, that Friday managed to push back in the other direction, but it would be easier to be a lot...Read More
Mortgage Rates Are Actually The Highest Since Mid November
4/11/2024 3:14 PM
Wednesday"s Consumer Price Index caused a brutally fast spike in mortgage rates.  It wasn"t notable for taking us to exceptionally high levels (October 2023 was much higher), but it was one of the biggest single-day jumps.  Either way, it easily took the average lender back to highest levels since November 2023.  Today was very tame...Read More
Basically The Worst Day For Mortgage Rates Since October 2022
4/10/2024 3:23 PM
Mortgage rates surged at a pace seen only one other time since October 2022.  The average lender moved up by 0.28%, which is functionally equivalent to the 0.29% seen after the February 2nd jobs report.  In fact, today was arguably worse because the Feb 2nd example happened a day after rates hit long-term lows.  The implication is th...Read More
Decent Recovery For Mortgage Rates, But Huge Volatility Potential Ahead
4/9/2024 3:27 PM
Mortgage rates roughly matched their highest levels in months yesterday, but managed to turn things around today.  One could argue that the broader bond market (which dictates rates) began to turn things yesterday morning and that the only reason rates moved higher was the overnight bond market movement.   So today was either a new ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Near Highest Levels Since February
4/8/2024 3:02 PM
Mortgage rates moved up somewhat abruptly today as the bond market lost more ground over the weekend.  Rates are driven primarily by bonds, but mortgage lenders tend to only update rates once per day unless the bond market is moving very quickly. With that in mind, bonds were losing ground on Friday afternoon, but not quickly enough or early ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Surprisingly Steady Despite Strong Jobs Report
4/5/2024 1:56 PM
Data dependent... That"s a phrase that is all too prevalent in financial markets and among members of the Federal Reserve.  It refers to the fact that economic data will guide the future path of interest rate decisions.   While rates always depend on data, the data outlook isn"t always as uncertain as it has been in the past few yea...Read More
Nice Move Lower in Mortgage Rates Ahead, But Tomorrow is a New Day
4/4/2024 2:59 PM
Mortgage rates may have been able to claim some resilience over the past few days, but it hasn"t been a great week in general.  The average lender jumped quickly over 7% for a top tier conventional 30yr fixed rate on Monday.  The next two days were much less interesting. Now today, the not-so-great week is showing some signs of promise.&...Read More
Mortgage Rates Nearly Unchanged Despite Early Drama
4/3/2024 2:34 PM
After starting the week with a sharp move higher, mortgage rates managed to avoid losing much ground yesterday.  This was only achieved with a recovery in the bond market that erased early morning losses (rates are based on bonds and when bonds improve, lenders can update mortgage rates during the day). Today was a strikingly similar pattern....Read More