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The Mortgage Reports:
Small Reprieve in Rate Rout
9/28/2023 2:28 PM
The past few days have seen rates surge to new multi-decade highs with the average lender quoting 7.6+ for top tier conventional 30yr fixed scenarios. Not too much has changed today apart from the direction of the movement and the fact that modest gains weren"t brutally dashed as the day progressed. In fact, most lenders updated rates  for th...Read More
Relentless Surge in Mortgage Rates
9/27/2023 4:10 PM
It"s with no great pleasure (none of any kind, for that matter) that we find ourselves in a position to report, yet again, that mortgage rates have sailed decisively to another new multi-decade high.  Today"s installment is fairly unpleasant given that the average lender actually began the day in slightly stronger territory only to be forced t...Read More
Mortgage Rates Barely Budge at Long-Term Highs
9/26/2023 3:28 PM
In terms of day-over-day changes, today"s mortgage rate movement was forgettable.  The average borrower wouldn"t see much of a difference from yesterday"s rates at the average lender.  In both cases, those rates would be at or near the highest levels since 2001. The underlying bond market experienced a bit more drama.  The early mor...Read More
Mortgage Rates Officially Hit New Multi-Decade Highs
9/25/2023 3:21 PM
The average lender was already very close to multi-decade highs for 30yr fixed mortgage rates last Thursday afternoon, but a modest recovery on Friday meant that there was a chance we could have avoided printing today"s headline this week.  Unfortunately, the bond market started the day in rough shape and continued to lose ground throughout.&n...Read More
If The Fed Didn"t Hike, Why Did Mortgage Rates Hit Long Term Highs?
9/22/2023 4:48 PM
Mortgage rates actually recovered a bit on Friday as the underlying bond market experienced a modest correction after spiking to the weakest levels in more than a decade over the past 2 days.  Despite the improvement, mortgages are also still near multi-decade highs.  Why is this the case when the Fed didn"t hike rates this week? This co...Read More
Mortgage Rates Jump up to 23-Year Highs
9/21/2023 3:09 PM
Rates moved only moderately higher on Wednesday after the Fed rocked the bond market with its updated rate forecasts.  To reiterate yesterday"s analysis, it"s not that the market is expecting the Fed to be accurate in those forecasts.  Rather, the forecasts help investors understand how the Fed"s approach will be calibrated going forward....Read More
Mortgage Rates Rise After Fed"s Updated Rate Forecast
9/20/2023 3:50 PM
The Fed did not hike its policy rate today, but it did release updated forecasts that showed the average Fed member expects rates to be half a percent higher at the end of 2024 and 2025 compared to their forecasts released in June. The market was expecting a higher average forecast, but not that high.  The result was broad bond market weaknes...Read More
Mortgage Rates Modestly Higher Ahead of Fed Announcement
9/19/2023 3:51 PM
The FOMC (Federal Reserve"s Open Market Committee) is what most people are referring to when they say "the Fed." This is the group that meets 8 times a year to decide the ideal level of the Fed Funds Rate.  The Fed Funds Rate sets an anchor point for the shortest-term borrowing.   Notably, the Fed doesn"t directly set mortgage rates,...Read More
Mortgage Rates Roughly Unchanged After Mid-Day Improvements
9/18/2023 3:11 PM
Mortgage rates began the day in slightly higher territory, but recovered after lenders offered mid-day price improvements.  These sorts of mid-day changes are not uncommon when the bond market improves enough during any given business day. Assigning objective numbers to the changes makes them less interesting.  The average lender was onl...Read More
Reasons For Fear and Hope as Mortgage Rates Tick Modestly Higher
9/15/2023 4:23 PM
In and of itself, today wasn"t too bad for mortgage rates. Things got a bit worse, but the change from yesterday was average or slightly lower.   There"s even still a little bit of a cushion between current levels and the long-term highs seen in late August. Mortgage rates are often compared to 10yr Treasury yields because the two tend t...Read More