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The Mortgage Reports:
What Debt Ceiling? And Who"s Lying About The Jobs Report?
6/2/2023 5:40 PM
After dominating the news cycle for weeks, the debt ceiling issue is suddenly resolved and the bond market doesn"t seem to care. The jobs report proved to be far more relevant, but with half of it indicating a much stronger labor market and the other half saying the opposite, who"s telling the truth and why did rates only pay attention to the bad (...Read More
Mortgage Rates Quickly Down to 2-Week Lows
5/31/2023 3:43 PM
After hitting the highest levels in several months last Friday, mortgage rates have fallen fairly quickly in the new week.  As bond markets improved this afternoon, many lenders were able to make mid-day adjustments.  That brought the average top tier 30yr fixed rate down to the lowest levels since Thursday, May 18th (not QUITE 2 weeks, b...Read More
Rates Drop Sharply to Start The New Week
5/30/2023 3:19 PM
The past 2 weeks were fairly rough for fans of low mortgage rates.  The average lender moved higher at the fastest pace since February over that time.  By the end of last week, the average lender was back above 7% for a top tier 30yr fixed scenario (and "well above" on Friday). What a difference a weekend makes.  While we"re nowhere...Read More
Do Rates Care About Debt Ceiling?
5/26/2023 2:45 PM
It was nearly impossible to avoid news regarding the debt ceiling this week, but how much does it actually matter? Let"s make sure we"re on the same page first.  What follows are a few NON-POLITICAL thoughts on the debt ceiling, which is different than a "default."   The debt ceiling has to be increased periodically in order for th...Read More
Mortgage Rate Highest in More Than 6 Months
5/25/2023 3:34 PM
It was bad news but big news a few days ago when the average top tier 30yr fixed rate made it back to 7% for the first time since early March.  After trying to stage a modest recovery yesterday, the pain continued today. The bond market (which dictates day to day rate movement) is experiencing more volatility than normal due to the debt ceili...Read More
Mortgage Rates Start Lower But End Higher
5/24/2023 3:43 PM
Wednesday was a fairly volatile day for mortgage rates.  The movement wasn"t extreme, but there were a few lead changes.  The day began with the average lender offering just slightly lower rates compared to yesterday.   As the day progressed, bonds began to lose ground.  Bonds dictate rates and when they lose ground, it re...Read More
Mortgage Rates Move Back Above 7%
5/23/2023 3:58 PM
Today"s headline is the most dramatic part of today"s story on mortgage rates.  The average top tier 30yr fixed rate has been mostly operating in a 6-7% range since September 2022.  There were several weeks in the low to mid 7s in Oct/Nov and a few days in early March.  Then the mini banking crisis unfolded and ushered rates to the b...Read More
Mortgage Rates Approaching 7% Again
5/22/2023 3:36 PM
There are some broad rate surveys/indices that show 30yr fixed mortgage rates under 6.5% or close to it, but it"s a bit of a mystery as to how such a thing could be justified--even after accounting for the typical lag between weekly surveys and our daily records. Indeed, most of the past week saw the average top tier rate at 6.625% or higher for t...Read More
A Ceiling That Actually Matters
5/19/2023 3:24 PM
The debt ceiling debate is all over the news, but it"s a different ceiling is commanding more of the bond market"s attention.  Still, we wouldn"t say the debt ceiling is irrelevant, so let"s take a brief moment to address its implications for the housing and mortgage markets. The most direct effect of the debt ceiling debate is a general ebb ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Now at 2 Month Highs
5/18/2023 2:20 PM
It may not be a death by a thousand cuts, but mortgage rates are suffering a bit of blood loss from roughly 5 cuts.  Specifically, the past 5 days have seen consecutive moves to higher levels.  The whole affair has been fairly steady relative to the types of volatile swings that have been all too common for most of the past year and a hal...Read More