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The Mortgage Reports:
Mortgage Rates Not Nearly as Low as They Might be Tomorrow
11/30/2022 3:40 PM
Mortgage rates moved slightly lower today, but barring a major market reversal overnight, could be even lower tomorrow.  It"s fairly rare to be able to say such things when it comes to mortgage rates, but the reasons are fairly logical in this case.  Rates are based on movement in the bond market.  Mortgage lenders don"t like to cha...Read More
Mortgage Rates Moderately Higher
11/29/2022 3:47 PM
It"s been hard to find an interesting new angle on mortgage rates over the past 2+ weeks.  They"ve been remarkably flat during that time after falling precipitously in response to the November 10th inflation data.   Because rates are based on the bond market and because the bond market tends to muddle through the Thanksgiving holida...Read More
Mortgage Rates Still Near 2 Month Lows
11/28/2022 3:31 PM
Excitement, volatility, non-stop action... concepts that have absolutely nothing to do with mortgage rate movement over the course of the past two weeks.  In fact, since rates plummeted in response to the November 10th CPI data, they"ve been as flat as we"ve seen in 2022. This is the goal for financial markets and mortgage rates as they trave...Read More
Rates End Week Little-Changed at Multi-Week Lows
11/23/2022 2:42 PM
Bond markets will be closed for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  That means mortgage lenders won"t be publishing new rates.  While markets are technically open for a half day on Friday, it"s just as well to consider it part of a 4-day weekend.  Many mortgage lenders simply offer the same rates seen on Wednesday because market conditions are s...Read More
Drama and Excitement Remain on Vacation in The Mortgage Rate World
11/22/2022 2:35 PM
Rates are driven by bonds and mortgage rates are driven by mortgage-backed bonds.  These bonds trade in the open market all day every day.  Mortgage lenders set their rates based on the movement in those bonds. Thanksgiving week tends to sap a significant amount of participation from the bond market.  It"s not that things aren"t mov...Read More
Mortgage Rates Little-Changed to Start Holiday-Shortened Week
11/21/2022 2:12 PM
Mortgage rates made their biggest recent move (and their biggest single day move ever) 2 Thursday"s ago after a key report showed inflation was lower than expected in October.  There has been some jockeying for position among various mortgage lenders since then, but remarkably little change to the average 30yr fixed rate which is once again in...Read More
Fed Says: Don"t Get Too Excited About Rates Just Yet
11/18/2022 2:37 PM
There"s no question that last week was an exciting one for rates. On Wednesday, the average 30yr fixed was fairly close to the highest levels since 2002. The following afternoon, it had fallen more than half a percent to the lowest level in nearly 2 months--the biggest single day drop on record.   While rates are still very high relati...Read More
Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher, But Still Much Lower Than Most of Last Week
11/17/2022 4:18 PM
If you"d like to get the quick scoop and be on your way, here you go: the big move in rates happened last Thursday when the average 30yr fixed dropped by a record amount in a single day (records go back to 2009) to the mid 6% range.  It hasn"t moved much since then. If we shift focus from averages to individual lenders, there have been a few ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Little-Changed Near 2-Month Lows
11/16/2022 2:09 PM
The mortgage landscape is very interesting at the moment.  On any given day, some lenders are moving higher, others are moving lower, and the rest are remaining relatively unchanged.  The average lender has been closer to unchanged so far this week but that"s a good thing considering rates are in line with their lowest levels in nearly 2 ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Holding Near 2 Month Lows
11/15/2022 2:31 PM
Let"s talk about the current state of mortgage rates.  Before we do, some housekeeping: the following pertains to averages across multiple lenders.  This is an important caveat over the past few days because lenders have adjusted their individual rates by widely varying amounts and in different directions from one another on several occas...Read More