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The Mortgage Reports:
Mortgage Rates Rapidly Recover This Week"s Losses
2/23/2024 2:31 PM
One of the upsides of these weeks with boring, sideways movement in the rate market is that it doesn"t take much of an improvement to undo several days of damage.  Today brought just such an improvement, and not for any compelling or interesting reasons either! The average lender began the day at lower levels--already close to the best levels...Read More
Mortgage Rates Just Slightly Higher
2/22/2024 1:44 PM
Mortgage rates continue making nearly microscopic movements in day-over-day terms, but they continue adding up.  Today"s increase over yesterday was negligible, but yesterday matched the highest levels in more than 2 months.  That leaves today with the dubious distinction of being the new multi-month high, even though many borrowers may n...Read More
Mortgage Rates Match Highest Levels Since Late November
2/21/2024 3:20 PM
In the short term, mortgage rates haven"t experienced any extreme movement since earlier in the month, but a slow trickle of weakness is starting to add up.  As of last Friday, the average 30yr fixed rate was as high as it"s been since late November.  There was a modest recovery yesterday, and it has now been erased by today"s market move...Read More
Mortgage Rates Modestly Lower To Start The Week
2/20/2024 3:18 PM
Most mortgage lenders set rates for the first time this week on Tuesday (today) due to yesterday"s holiday.  Federal holidays mean banks are closed which, in turn, means no activity in the part of the financial market that determines mortgage pricing.  Even though a majority of the U.S. financial system was closed yesterday, the rest of t...Read More
Mortgage Rates Jump to New 2024 Highs After Another Report Shows Higher Inflation
2/16/2024 4:17 PM
At present, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the jobs report are the two most important considerations for interest rate momentum as far as economic reports are concerned, But it wasn"t always so.  For more than a decade leading up to 2022, (CPI) was not remotely as important because inflation ceased to be a major concern after 2010. Since ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Modestly Lower For 2nd Day in a Row
2/15/2024 3:21 PM
While weekly mortgage rate indices are pointing out the sharp jump from last Wednesday"s levels, daily rates have fallen twice in a row.  The peak was on Tuesday after the Consumer Price Index sent rates to the highest levels in more than 2 months.  Yesterday"s drop left us feeling cautious.  Today"s was more grounded by relevant und...Read More
Modest Recovery But Still Trending Higher
2/14/2024 4:23 PM
As is often the case, there are a few ways to look at rates at the moment.  In the medium term, we can still take heart in the fact that rates are about a percent lower than the long-term highs in mid-October.  In the shortest of terms, we might also be tempted to rejoice in the fact that rates moved slightly lower today, hopefully signal...Read More
Mortgage Rates Just Got Smoked by Barn Burner Inflation Report
2/13/2024 2:55 PM
If it feels like there"s been an inordinate amount of focus on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) recently, today proved it was justified.  It"s not hard to understand WHY this data should matter.  After all, inflation is the biggest reason that rates moved higher at the pace seen in 2022/2023.  From there, we only need to know that CPI ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Steady to Slightly Lower Ahead of Big Inflation Report
2/12/2024 2:16 PM
After spiking to the highest levels in over a month last Monday, rates have held eerily steady.  To be fair, the steadiness started the following day after a moderate recovery that took the average conventional 30yr fixed rate from just over 7% to just below.   To put all of the above in perspective, that rate jumped by 0.41% from T...Read More
Uneventful Day For Rates. High Stakes Next Week
2/9/2024 4:19 PM
Near the end of last week, the title of the daily mortgage rate article was "Rates Right in Line With Long-Term Lows, But That Could Change on Friday."  Indeed, rates ended up jumping in a big way--the biggest in more than a year. There was no clairvoyance involved, nor was it a lucky guess.  In fact, the intention of the headline was to...Read More